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World Sailing Presidential Bulletin: February 2020

World Sailing Presidential Bulletin: February 2020

by Kim Andersen, President World Sailing Mar 12, 2020 05:38 UTC

President of World Sailing, Kim Andersen © Tom Roberts / World Sailing

Henri-Lloyd 2022 August - SW MPU
Novelties North Sails 2021 - MPU

It was a busy month for the Olympic classes, with seven world championships held in the southern hemisphere. The 2020 champions were crowned in the 49er, 49erFX, Nacra 17, Laser, Laser Radial and RS:X Men’s and Women’s categories. Congratulations to all of this year’s medal winners; this certainly sets up an exciting Tokyo Olympics!

SailGP Season 2 kicked off in Sydney Harbor with some stunning racing. In 2020, the addition of Denmark and Spain brought the number of teams involved to 7, with the arrival of new sailors as well. With Sir Ben Ainslie at the helm, Great Britain won the first event, setting up an interesting season! SailGP’s new and improved media platform also helps bring sailing to a wider audience, educating new fans on the benefits of our sport.

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus and its spread across various continents is cause for concern and calls for constant monitoring and mitigation, not only for our Olympics-related business, but for all major events. This coming month will give us an indication of the short and long term effects on the sport and the events as a whole.

Elsewhere, on International Women’s Day, we announced that World Sailing was the first Olympic sport to sign the UN Women Declaration on Sport for Generation Equality. This is a fantastic and positive step towards making sailing a gender balanced sport!

New coronavirus (COVID-19)

As reported in news around the world, there has been an increase in cases of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Our Medical Commission is in regular communication with the World Health Organization and the Medical and Scientific Commission of the International Olympic Committee. They have produced information material on best practices for sailors and this has been shared with sailors, Olympic sailing team leaders, event organisers, race officials and other parties key stakeholders within World Sailing.

You would have seen the news today that World Sailing has made the decision to cancel the Hempel World Cup Series event in Genoa. Our official communication is available here. We were in regular contact with the Federazione Italiana Vela (FIV), local organizers and the Italian government, receiving updates and monitoring the situation closely. Before making the decision, we also consulted closely with the medical commission.

World Sailing’s priority will always be to ensure the health and well-being of sailors and other key stakeholders around the world.

Genoa was the last opportunity for African, Asian and European sailors to qualify for Tokyo 2020. Following the cancellation, the IOC approved an extension of the sailing qualification period until June 30, 2020. We We are now working closely with all stakeholders to reschedule qualifications and to ensure that all qualification places can be filled.

The outbreak also led the organizing authority of the 2020 ASAF Asian Championships to postpone the event as a precautionary measure. We are working with them and their stakeholders to finalize new dates in April.

Many questions and speculations have been made regarding the Tokyo 2020 Olympic sailing competition, but to be clear, World Sailing is focused on delivering the Games. Tokyo 2020 is working with all relevant organizations, monitoring the situation in Japan and reviewing all countermeasures. The IOC and World Sailing are also in contact with the WHO regarding Tokyo 2020.

This is a serious health situation and one that will not be taken lightly by World Sailing, our partners, stakeholders and the sailing community.

Paris 2024 Program Committee

At the end of February, World Sailing submitted a questionnaire from the International Federation to the IOC Program Commission on the Paris 2024 Olympic sailing competition, highlighting the new events and how sailing is meeting the objectives set out in the Agenda. 2020 and the new IOC standard.

The new slate of events achieves universality with youth pathways, gender equity and mixed-gender events to create opportunities for women and innovation in sport.

I think sailing has an excellent case for showcasing the diversity of the sport.

Additionally, World Sailing Director of Communications and Digital, Daniel Smith, and I had a positive and constructive meeting with our friends at Olympic Broadcast Services (OBS) early last month.

We discussed the Slate for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games and the best possible way to showcase each discipline.

World Sailing will be working closely with the IOC, OBS and Paris 2024 to visit the venues of the new Olympic disciplines this year, so they can see first hand why we are delighted to have them added to our roster of events for Paris 2024.

The IOC and gender balance in sport

The IOC recently announced two major decisions centered on gender equality at the Summer Olympics.

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There will be full gender representation in all NOCs for the first time ever, while the IOC Executive Board has approved an amendment to the IOC protocol guidelines to ensure NOCs can have one male and one female carrier. flag at the opening ceremony.

It is encouraging to see the strong push from the IOC for gender equality. As I mentioned before, gender equality is important for all sports to remain relevant as an important part of society.

The new generations of young sailors are equal in their state of mind, and we must improve the diversity of our sport to attract this new public.

For Tokyo 2020 we are equal as a sport, but more importantly for Paris 2024 we are taking a major step by increasing our mixed event from one in 2020 to four in 2024.

This will truly showcase the diversity of our sport and therefore create role models at the highest level in our sport and at the Olympics.

UN Women Statement on Sport for Generation Equality

I wanted to send out this month’s newsletter a little later than usual so I could mention our exciting International Women’s Day announcement.

World Sailing has signed the UN Women Declaration on Sport for Generation Equality – and we are the first Olympic sport to do so!

Our first action is to adopt a Charter for Gender Equality, which will include policies to remove all forms of gender discrimination and bias.

World Sailing welcomed the World Sailing Trust report and its recommendations when it was released.

This is another positive step forward for World Sailing as we continue our commitment to supporting women in sailing, increasing women’s participation and achieving gender equality.

Click here to learn more about it.

First South American Continental Youth Championship

Finally, in April, the first South American Continental Youth Championship will be held in Montevideo, Uruguay.

With 130 boats from across the continent set to compete in several classes, as well as an emerging nations program clinic being held ahead of the championship, this should be a huge event for sailing in this part of the world.

I am very proud that this event was organized – and with so much interest from all these countries to participate.

It is also great to see that they are taking advantage of this fantastic opportunity with parallel activities where sailors and coaches can all benefit.

We all know how difficult it is to build a new annual regional event into an already busy schedule, and the work that has been done to organize this new continental youth event is remarkable.

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