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World Sailing launches a new website – Sailweb

  • World Sailing finally launches a new website

The World Sailing website has a new look and hopefully an improved format/logic to guide users to the massive amount of data it contains.

As the main communication channel for ‘world governing body for sailing‘ the old website had dissolved into a confusing collection of poorly linked content, updated with no apparent schedule, which during the Covid pandemic pretty much came to a standstill.

The new layout retains the slider functionality header and follows the now familiar grid format to introduce main content sections, with continuous scrolling reloads making all main content available graphically from the main content page. home for mobile users.

The detailed content is then presented in a predominantly full-page format, again recognizing that the vast majority of access will be via tablet and smartphone.

At the recent 2021 Annual Conference, World Sailing presented a financial report which prioritized the allocation of resources and cash over the three years (2022-2024) for investment in participation and development, technical services, IT and website development, and staff resources to provide these services.

The rebuilt website was expected to be released following the final payment of £65,887 to the developers in January, although the full cost was not stated.

Additionally, the recent financial report (2022 – 2024) included a provision of £110,000 in 2022 for capital expenditure to integrate key processes into the website, which will cover services provided by the technical and offshore team and the race officials management team.

The Department of Finance also indicated a planned additional expenditure of £488,576 for website maintenance between 2021 and 2024.

In addition, over the same period, a total of £4,762,451 is allocated for commercial communications: digital communications, marketing and broadcasts for events.

The website was developed by digital sports agency Sotic who have managed World Sailing’s digital requirements for the Olympic and Paralympic Games since 2007.

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