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    • To finish . . . World Sailing has moved to its new headquarters – 70% cheaper –

World Sailing’s new premises in Hammersmith, central London, were officially opened by World Sailing Chairman Quanhai Li.

Conveniently located within walking distance of Hammersmith tube station, World Sailing’s new head office offers a private, bespoke office environment in a fully serviced shared complex and an ongoing 70% saving on office space previous to Paddington.

It may not be quite ‘rearrange the lounge chairs on the Titanic’ but World Sailing has definitely pushed the limits of survival over the past two years since its disastrous move from Southampton in 2017.

This apparent decision to join the big boys of international sports associations, while having nowhere near their source of income and whose very existence depends on their continued existence as an Olympic sport. . . that they were on the brink of losing then, is now a footnote in a turbulent and colorful story.

In October 2021, World Sailing said the Tokyo 2020 payout is expected to be around £11.85 million. This was on top of the $3.1m (£2.3m/€2.7m) interest-free loan from the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

World Sailing CEO David Graham said at the time that the Federation would have gone into liquidation without the financial support of the IOC.

Luckily, it seems the Covid pandemic has simply created an atmosphere of available office space and altered working conditions in London, which has worked to their advantage.

In their latest announcement, World Sailing CEO David Graham said: “We are very happy to move into our new headquarters. The new environment has been renovated to meet our purpose and will allow us to work together again and implement an effective mix of remote and hybrid working”

“We will continue to offer this model to staff as we have seen, like companies around the world, that it is efficient and beneficial to our operations.”

He added, “The savings that we will achieve following this move [Ed, apparently a saving of £420,000 per year] can be reinvested in sport for the benefit of seafarers around the world.

“This is an opportunity to reform the sport, build for the future and achieve our strategic goals as an organization without the financial burdens of the past.”

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