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World Sailing hosts the first of a three-year series of PDP clinics in Singapore • Live Sail Die

The first Parasailing Development Program (PDP) to be held in Singapore recently took place from July 26-29, in preparation for the RSYC Regatta, held at the Republic of Singapore Yacht Club. The event also included the first Metazone Inclusive Cup with the Hansa 203 and Hansa 303 events.
The PDP marks the first of a three-year partnership with Metazone to develop Para Sailing in Singapore and raise awareness in the region. A total of 30 sailors and coaches from Japan, Cambodia and Malaysia, as well as the hosts, Singapore, participated.

While helping sailors prepare for competition, it has also provided training opportunities and sought to develop a select group of coaches to lead follow-on programs in Singapore as Para Sailing continues to develop.

Jevan Tan, RSYC Regatta Chairman and Founder of Metazone, an all-volunteer non-profit organization involved in youth development in Singapore, said: “Inclusion is a very important area for us. We have embarked on a three-year program here in Singapore, to support neighboring nations in Asia who also wish to establish Para Sailing in their country.”

“For us, the most important thing was to understand and try to learn more about parasailing, how we can connect with the community and grow together as an inclusive group. That’s what we have to do. in Singapore, and we intend to do it well. Next year, we would like to deepen what we have been doing, both in terms of activities and discussions.

Sessions focused on the importance of being aware of the different needs of seafarers, as well as adapting facilities to ensure accessibility for all. There were safety instructions and introductions to the range of parasailing equipment used in World Sailing events, as well as a guide to International Paralympic Committee (IPC) classifications.

Alongside the PDP, Metazone invited various stakeholders to participate in a roundtable on sustainability and inclusiveness, a key part of World Sailing’s strategy. During the session, parents, employers, youth and adults, able-bodied and disabled, focused on the challenges and successes of people with physical disabilities as well as neurodiverse people.

The session was well received and brought together seafarers from participating countries, as well as non-seafarers, to better understand the different challenges faced by people with disabilities. The event addressed issues facing the region and shared several of Singapore’s success stories, including the Big Bro Big Sis program and the Sailing and Sustainability program run by Metazone.

Jevan added: “The round table and the discussions with the students were essential. It helped us understand better and we discovered different ways to reach young people. Our community needs to better involve all types of seafarers, including those who are neuro-diverse or have physical disabilities. We would like to do better to integrate these groups into the sailing community.

“The journey begins here for young sailors, our schools and our teenagers. We can help them better understand the sensitivities of different people, both physical, neuro-diverse and cultural. We have started this journey and hope to encourage more of our friends from other Asian countries who were unable to be with us this year.

With insights from the countries that participated this year, we hope to refine the PDP to support what they need, to develop programs in their countries. Next year we hope to run a full regional inclusive race with more countries as part of our RSYC regatta. Hopefully we will see more people here in Singapore in July 2023.”

World Sailing, together with Member National Associations, Class Associations and sailors around the world, are campaigning for sailing to be reinstated for the Los Angeles 2028 Paralympic Games. Parasailing has competed in five successive Games so far. that in 2015 it was announced that parasailing was being withdrawn from Tokyo 2020. World Sailing has worked tirelessly to ensure that sailing meets the criteria set by the IPC and becomes the premier sport in Paralympic Games history to obtain his reinstatement.

How PDP Benefits Para Sailing

World Sailing has developed a Para World Sailing strategy to increase global para sailing participation to 45 nations across five continents by the end of 2023. Participation has already increased by 30% over the past five years and initiatives like the PDPs provide the framework to introduce more sailors to the sport, provide additional training for coaches and officials, as well as align existing national classification systems with IPC classification for international events.

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The PDP has raised awareness of the requirements of parasailing in all classes and created new opportunities within the sport for athletes, coaches and officials. Currently, there are only 11 international classifiers worldwide, but PDP events in Oman, Italy and now Singapore will aim to boost participation at all levels to help propel the sport towards re-entry for the Paralympic Games. LA28.