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  • World Sailing follow-up statement on the situation in Ukraine

This update follows the statement issued on 1 March 2022 regarding World Sailing’s decision to suspend the participation of Russian and Belarusian athletes and officials from World Sailing owned and sanctioned competitions and events until further notice, available here.

The World Sailing Board met on April 6, 2022 to consider extending these measures. The World Sailing Board:

  • agreed to set in motion the processes and approvals of its stakeholders to allow, in extraordinary circumstances, the temporary suspension of the participation of members of committees, commissions, working groups, the Council and any other relevant bodies of World Sailing.
  • intends to clarify that its position regarding the participation of athletes from Russia and Belarus also excludes the participation of any boat owned or actually controlled or managed by a Russian or Belarusian person or entity.

The Board considers these to be proportionate and appropriate measures for our sport and the World Sailing legal team is currently working on the necessary next steps, which will include:

  1. Review the World Sailing constitution and all applicable regulations to ensure that due process is followed; and
  2. Prepare regulatory and constitutional amendments for approval by Council and Member National Authorities (respectively).

The World Sailing Board aims to complete this deal before the mid-year meeting which is due to take place in Abu Dhabi from May 26-29, 2022.

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