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Published on March 7, 2022

Disciplinary and appeal decisions within World Sailing are determined by independent juries appointed by the Judicial Council. Decisions made by Member National Authorities (NAMs) are decided by the disciplinary systems of those MNAs.

The members of the Judicial Council are: Hon. Ruth Miller (Chair), Alberto Predieri (Vice-Chair), Prof Bruce Collins QC, Mark Yeadon, Dr Anne Jakob, Dr David Sharpes QC SC and Carol Roberts. Scuttlebutt periodically shares their current decisions. Here is an update as of March 7, 2022:

Suspended Sailors:
• None at the moment

Recent decisions:
• Olivier Bovyn, Appeal of Race Officials Committee Decision – Dismissed
• Didier Flamme, Appeal of the decision of the Committee of Race Officials – Dismissed
• Murray Jones, Appeal of Rule Penalty 32 – Penalty Overturned

Questions, reports or comments on disciplinary matters should be sent by email or in writing to the General Manager. For more information, click here.

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