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World Sailing 2019 Annual Conference Day 1: 25 International Classes meet

World Sailing 2019 Annual Conference Day 1: 25 International Classes meet

by World Sailing 28 October 2019 10:08 UTC
October 27 – November 3, 2019

2019 Annual Conference © Tom Roberts / World Sailing

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The program of meetings for the 2019 World Sailing Annual Conference began on Sunday 27 October and brought together 25 representatives of the International Class Association meeting in the Classes Committee.

The diversity of the sport was represented on the Classes Committee on Sunday with the future of youth sailing discussed at the Youth Events Sub-Committee. Sport officials also gathered for the International Judges, Measurers and Race Direction Sub-Committee meetings.

Following the meetings, the official opening took place and World Sailing Chairman Kim Andersen and Bermuda Tourism Authority CEO Kevin Dallas welcomed delegates.

Addressing delegates, Andersen said: “Tonight marks the official start of our annual conference, with seven more days before meetings, discussions, debates and decision-making.

“A lot has happened since I last spoke to you at the mid-year meeting and yet again we are meeting at a crucial time for World Sailing where the discussions we will have and the decisions we make later this week will affect us all.

“And that makes your participation, support and dedication to World Sailing and our great sport incredibly important. I look forward to a constructive week of productive meetings and having open conversations with all of you here.”

An overview of the meeting program is below:

Class Committee

There are 117 international class associations which have been awarded World Sailing status. Each class is entitled to a seat on the class committee and the session is an opportunity for each of them to receive updates and express opinions on various points. A total of 25 classes were represented.

During the session, the committee invited the international measurers sub-committee to discuss areas of common interest around equipment testing at their events. Members agreed that it was important to develop measurement protocols, inspection policies and to transfer lessons learned from events between classes.

Safety is an ongoing topic of discussion each year and a report from the World Sailing Safety Committee has been received. An incident reporting portal is available on the World Sailing website here and these are regularly reviewed by the panel. More information on reported incidents is available here.

The committee also discussed regulations regarding requirements for classes to continue recognition. Concerning Submission 046-19, to modernize the information reports in the annual reports, and Submission 047-19, on the number of entries required for the World Championships of big keelboats, they recommended to the Council to approve them both.

Youth Events Sub-Committee

Chaired by Cory Sertl (USA), the Youth Events Sub-Committee is responsible for recommending policies and then implementing actions to the Events Committee for major international youth sailing events.

The main mission of the sub-committee is centered on the Youth Sailing World Championships. At today’s meeting the committee, which also includes Mark Turnbull (AUS) – gold medalist from Sydney 2000, reviewed the most recent edition of the Hempel Youth Worlds and received comments on the organization of the event.

They approved a strategic and comprehensive review of the current model and working processes of the Championships and agreed to work with former hosts, bidders and venues who chose not to bid to understand the challenges of hosting the event to ensure long-term success.

The sub-commission also referred to the Youth Olympic Games. The next edition will take place in 2022 in Dakar, Senegal – the first Olympiad in Africa. They received a progress report and discussed potential opportunities for the inclusion of dinghies, kitesurfing and windsurfing.

Regarding submissions, the subcommittee supported the following:0.

  • 084-19 – as the inclusion of the Techno293 Plus, alongside the RS:X, would provide more options for the equipment supplied
  • 085-19 – to include the one person mixed kiteboard from 2021
  • 086-19 – to replace the Laser Radial with the RS Aero for the One Person Dinghy
  • 087-19 / 088-19 – To expand the Boy’s Two Person Dinghy to mixed crews, allowing more female sailors to participate

These will now go to the Events Committee who will discuss them further before making a recommendation to the Council, the main decision-making body.

International Judges, Measurers and Race Direction Sub-Committees

Alongside the International Referees Sub-Committee, which meets on Monday 28 October, the Sub-Committees report directly to the Race Officials Committee.

Each sub-committee administers their respective areas of World Sailing adjudication and brings together some of the best international race officials.

On Sunday, they reviewed their relevant strategies, tasks and responsibilities and considered how they can improve the work they do on the water and at world sailing events.

Alongside their core business, one of their deliverables is to review applications for International Race Official status. Prior to the conference, several potential officials applied and the subcommittees reviewed each application. They will make their recommendations on the appointments to the Committee of Race Officials who will make the final decision on Tuesday 29th October.

The annual conference continues on Monday, October 28, where the sub-committees for match racing, equipment rules, international referees, Olympic classes, special regulations and regional games will be held. The Women’s Forum and the Coaches Commission will run parallel to these meetings.

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