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World Sailing, as the governing body for the sport of sailing, is that link between national authorities (US Sailing, Sail Canada, etc.) and class associations around the world. World Sailing is responsible for:

• The promotion of sport internationally;
• Management of sailing at the Olympic and Paralympic Games;
• Development of sailing racing rules and regulations for all sailing competitions;
• Training of judges, arbitrators and other administrators;
• The development of sport in the world; and
• Represent seafarers in all matters relating to sport.

Beyond the World Sailing Secretariat employees who carry out the mission, it is a volunteer effort that directs decisions, and the President is the most senior position within the organization. With an election every four years and a two-term limit, World Sailing’s 2020 Annual Conference will decide whether current President Kim Andersen gets his second term.

Three candidates oppose Andersen, with the Dane fighting to hold office and use the experience of his first term to help World Sailing. Here is his platform:

Kim Anderson

Towards a brighter future for sailing

After four years of hard work, engaging with members, and executing our plan, we are seeing success in our efforts!

For the first time in a long time, World Sailing is setting trends, dominating other sports and providing new opportunities for members and sailors around the world.

After correcting many mistakes of the past, our sport is stronger than before. From increased participation in the growth of our sport internationally as well as increased levels of transparency in our governance, we have accomplished a great deal.

But there is still a lot to do and we must do better! Looking forward to the next four years, my priorities as President of World Sailing for the future focus on:

• More development opportunities – with a focus on building a stronger platform for development, participation and growth.
• More accountability for our members – with a focus on building a modern structure that meets our members’ needs and enables them to make positive decisions.
• More funding for sailing around the world – with a focus on implementing development and engagement initiatives aimed at officials, youth and gender equality.


Grassroots football is the cornerstone of our sport. Every step we take must always consider involving the grassroots of our sport and focus on building a stronger platform for participation and growth. In the past four years, we have laid the foundation and created new development opportunities, we must not only continue on this path, but we must strengthen and expand our development opportunities.

In order to continue to develop our sport, we need to invest more resources in attracting young people to sailing and ensuring that our MPs (member nations) have the resources they need to succeed in development programs in their countries.

As President, I pledge to:
• Strengthen the link and support to regions and continents.
• Support regional and continental games.
• Actively engage with MPs by outlining their development needs.
• Implement new funding streams specifically focused on participation and development initiatives.


As an organization, we are only as strong as our members. To ensure that we have strong members, they must be empowered. Over the past four years, this empowerment process has already begun through systematic and effective stakeholder engagement. With a newly appointed CEO with a wealth of experience, the World Sailing organisation, made up of young and capable staff, is better equipped to support MPs.

Although we are making good progress, our vision for World Sailing has been overshadowed by the current governance structure and past management challenges/changes. However, now, for the first time in years, we have a clear path forward.

We can now deliver to the overwhelming majority of MPs asking for a new structure; one that is modern, meets the needs of our members and enables MPs to make positive decisions for the future of our sport. Now is the time to return to a clear management structure, with clear lines of communication and defined services for our MPs.

As President, I pledge to:
• Increase participation and involvement of MPs in decision-making.
• Clearly distribute powers of membership (AGM) to council, board and executive.
• Strengthen the support and commitment of classes and event organizers to support, develop and share knowledge.
• Strengthen the connection and engagement between WS staff and MPs.
• Establish strong roots in the sailing community.
• Create a platform to develop relations with Sailing stakeholders (including the IOC, ASOIF, etc.).
• Strengthen the support and commitment of classes and event organizers to support, develop and share knowledge.


Behind every successful organization is sound and responsible finance. Four years ago, we were misinformed about the financial situation of World Sailing. Since then, a new financial model has been put in place to ensure that World Sailing is never again put in uncertain waters.

As we plan for our financial future, we are in much better shape than four years ago with a secure and solid financial plan in place. However, the commercial potential of our attractive sport is far from being exploited. After focusing more on financial stability, now is the time to take the next step.

As President, I pledge to:
• Leverage our brand and social media exposure to drive business impact.
• Use new commercial offers from WS to activate new sponsors and new funding.
• Use the World Sailing Trust to implement new initiatives for the benefit of MPs.
• Attract new merchandising opportunities.

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