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World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations Training Requirements

In 2003 World Sailing introduced a standard core curriculum for training courses to establish an internationally recognized qualification. Training requirements are part of the World Sailing Special Offshore Regulations. These courses are run and set by World Sailing Member National Authorities (MNA) and comply with World Sailing Minimum Standards. Here is a list of recognized courses:

STCW95 course

A frequently asked question is whether STCW 95 sea survival training is an authorized alternative. Ultimately what is acceptable depends on the race organiser, but World Sailing’s standard advice is NOT to accept STCW courses (however, first aid courses are accepted). This is because the STCW course is a commercial vessel qualification and therefore does not contain sailing related items and recreational safety equipment.

Argentina (ARG)

Contact – Argentina Yachting Federation

Austria (AUT)

Contact – Erich Gerhart Michel – Vice President Austrian Sailing Federation

General informations

The MNA currently has two approved centres:
2SAIL, Tel: +43 650 5090909, Email: [email protected], WEB:, Lead Instructor: Christian Kargl
Segelwelt, Tel: +43 2622 28 074, Email:[email protected], WEB: Main instructor: Andreas Hanakamp

Australia (AUS)

Australian Sailing Safety and Sea Survival Course

Australian Sailing has run a training course for many years and has run the World Sailing Approved Training Offshore Safety course since its introduction. The Australian Sailing Resources website includes a search tool to locate sailors with valid certificates, course information and a course finder

Contact – Chris Tate – +61 2 8424 7442
[email protected]

Canada (CAN)

Sail Canada accredits personal sea survival training organizations and instructors nationally, with courses offered at various locations across Canada.


Sail Canada Personal Sea Survival Training


David Sutcliffe [email protected]

Sam Crothers [email protected] – Sail Canada

Croatia (CRO)

The Croatian Sailing Federation accepts the following center to organize courses on its behalf:

Zlatko Vodanovic and Šime Stipanicev
SD Ocean
Podvrh 46, 2212 Tribunj, Croatia
Telephone: +385 99 2304064
[email protected]

Czech Republic (CZE)

The Czech Sailing Association recognizes the following center to organize courses on its behalf:

NYS (National School of Yachting)
Hybeova 307/59
602 00 Brno
Czech Republic

Telephone: +420 737 243 001

Call: +420 543 232 034

Michael Andel

[email protected]

+421 902 896 099

France (FRA)

ISAF Survival Course

General informations

The FFVoile has been organizing sea survival courses for several years, mainly for major Offshore events. However, since 2003, as adopted by World Sailing, the FFVoile has been organizing survival courses at sea within the framework of Appendix G of the Offshore Specific Regulations, via various centers mandated by the FFVoile to provide appropriate training, with follow-up regularly as required by Appendix G.7.1.

Contact: Jean-Bertrand Mothes-Masse – Tel: + 33 (0) 660 048 107+ 33 (0) 660 048 107 – French Sailing Federation

Location of the training center:

Finland (FIN)

Contact: Patrick Lindqvist – Finnish Sailing Federation

Germany (GER)

Contact: Johannes Christophers – Head of Technical Department – Deutscher Segler Verband

Great Britain (GBR)

RYA/ISAF Sea Safety Course

General informations

The RYA have been running training courses for a number of years at present they run two 1 day ‘RYA Basic Sea Survival Course’ and 2 day (minimum) ‘RYA/World sailing Offshore Safety Course’ only the latter course meets the requirements of the World Sailing Special Offshore Regulations as a stand-alone course.

Course details

Specialist contact details
RYA Training Department Email: RYA Training

Royal Yachting Association

Hong Kong (HKG)

General informations

Course details:
Primary Contact: Cora

Hong Kong Sailing Federation

Italy (ITA)

Contact: Alfonso De Lucia – Italian Sailing Federation

General informations

The Italian Sailing Federation (IVF) currently has six approved centres:

Ireland (IRL)

Specialist Contact: Tony Wright, Training Manager
Course Title: ISA Sea Safety Course –

Irish Sailing Association

Japan (JPN)

Contact: [email protected]

Latvia (LAT)

Yachting Union of Latvia

Malta (MLT)

General informations

The Malta Sailing Federation has partnered with (Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology – Maritime Section) to offer training courses

Malta Sailing Federation

Netherlands (NED)

General informations

The Royal Netherlands Watersport Association has partnered with AquaPlanning, One Wave Ahead Sailing, STC-KNRM, Zeezeilers van Marken and Zeezeilschool Scheveningen to offer training courses in accordance with OSR Appendix G.

Contact: Bart van Breemen
Email: [email protected]

Royal Netherlands Yachting Union

New Zealand (NZL)

Yachting New Zealand recognizes the following training centres:

+ Coastguard Boating Education Services
+ SeaWise nautical training

Contact details for MNA Yachting New Zealand and specialist contact is Andrew Clouston

Norway (NOR)

General informations

The Norwegian Sailing Federation
Email: click here

Norwegian Sailing Federation

Portugal (POP)

General informations

Federacao Portuguesa De Vela

Poland (POL)

Kristian Szypka
Phone. +48 501664314
[email protected]

Russia (RUS)

Russian Yachting Federation Approved Course Provider: Mikhail Voronov

TrySail Yacht Club, 6 Malyi prosp. VO, St. Petersburg, 199004, Russia

E-mail: [email protected]

School of the Sea -Vladimir Frolov
[email protected]
crowd. +7910 484 0848;
address: Mitcurinsky prospektm 9-2/19, Moscow, Russia, 119192, RUSSlA

South Africa (RSA)

Sea Sailing Training Group – Sea Safety Training Group

Switzerland (SUI)

General informations

Swiss Sailing has delegated the organization of the Sea Survival courses to its member organization the “Cruising Club of Switzerland (CCS)” More information on the courses is available on their website

Swiss Sailing

Sweden (SWE)

Course details

The Swedish Sailing Federation, in cooperation with Seasafety AB, regularly organizes courses in Stockholm.

Approved courses available: World Sailing Offshore Personal Survival Course and Refresher Course as well as First Aid Training and Medical Care Course.

Current courses will be featured on the Swedish Sailing Federation website

A database of valid certificate holders can be found at the following link

United States (United States)

General informations

The USA breaks down its “safety at sea” seminars into several modules. In order to meet the requirements of Section 6 of the World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations, one must complete the “Class Presentations” module (one day) and the “Practical and Practical Training Seminar” (one day). A World Sailing APPROVED PERSONAL OFFSHORE SURVIVAL COURSE CERTIFICATE (valid for five years) will be issued to all who attend both the sea safety and practical training seminars and pass the final written exam, all within during the same calendar year. This certificate is required for some US races and most Category 1 and 2 races that start outside the United States. Some other US races only require “class introductions” on the first day. A full list of courses can be found at the following link

Contacts: Nathan Titcomb (Offshore Director) & Janine Ahmed Connelly (Training Director) – US SAILING