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Olympic Games 2024: the World Sailing Council votes Finn out

Olympic Games 2024: the World Sailing Council votes Finn out – Day 1

by Daniel Smith, World Sailing November 2, 2018 4:54 PM PDT
November 3, 2018

The Finn will fly into the Olympic sunset after Tokyo 2020 © Richard Gladwell

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Chairman Kim Andersen and former CEO Andy Hunt – Sarasota, Florida, USA – 2018 Annual Conference © Daniel Smith

Jean-Philippe Gatien, Sporting Director of Paris 2024 – Sarasota, Florida, USA – 2018 Annual Conference © Daniel Smith

A Two-seater Mixed Offshore Keelboat will be presented at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games after the World Sailing Council voted in favor of its replacement for the Single-seater Mixed Dinghy.

The decision was made at the 2018 World Sailing Annual Conference in Sarasota, Florida, USA, the first of a two-day meeting of the World Sailing’s Council.

A long morning debate on the adoption of an Offshore event replacing the Dinghy Mixte Monoplace took place before a decision was taken. Although the Board has made the decision, it will still need to be ratified by delegates at the Annual General Meeting.

Further decisions have been made regarding equipment and criteria for Paris 2024.

Paris 2024 Olympic events

At the 2018 mid-year meeting, the following list of events was approved by the Board:

  • Windsurfing Men
  • Women’s windsurfing
  • New event, mixed single-seater dinghy
  • New event, mixed dinghy for two people
  • New event, mixed kiteboarding

They join the following Events and their Equipment in the Paris 2024 program:

  • Men’s Single-seater Dinghy – Laser*
  • Women’s single-seater sailing dinghy – Laser Radial*
  • Women’s Skiff – 49erFX
  • Men’s Sculls – 49er
  • Mixed Tandem Multihull – Nacra 17

*subject to separate equipment reassessment

Although the decision was made, World Sailing rules allowed both events and equipment to be changed if 75% of the Board members voted in favor of the change.

A long debate on submission 037-18 took place among the members of Council. The bid proposed that a mixed mixed two-person keelboat event replace the one-person mixed dinghy.

31 Council members voted in favor of the change vote, eight were against and two abstained. With the 75% minimum exceeded, the Board then voted on whether or not to approve the bid that would introduce the Mixed Offshore Two-Person Keelboat into the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

29 members of the Council voted in favor of the Quillard Offshore Mixte Two-seater with 9 against and 2 abstentions.

The decision will be submitted to the annual general meeting on Sunday for ratification.

Equipment Paris 2024

Prior to the conference, World Sailing received submissions relating to the equipment criteria for the Paris 2024 Olympic sailing events which were approved at the 2018 mid-year meeting:

  • Windsurfing Men
  • Women’s windsurfing
  • New event, mixed single-seater dinghy
  • New event, mixed dinghy for two people
  • New event, mixed kiteboarding

Bids have also been received on the two-person mixed keelboat in case the event is introduced to the slate.

The Board discussed the recommendations of the Equipment Committee and decided that the RS:X would be retained for male and female windsurfers subject to a separate re-evaluation of the equipment.

The mixed kitesurfing will be done on a foilboard with a RAM-Air (foil-kite) and the mixed two-seater dinghy will be a non-foiling displacement boat with a headsail, a mainsail and a spinnaker.

Following the replacement of the mixed single-seater dinghy, the council voted on the equipment of the offshore keelboat. At Paris 2024, the boat used will be a displacement monohull (non-foil) with a reduced-crew deck plan. The boat will have a hull length between 6 and 10 meters, capable of cruising between 4 and 40 knots with an inventory of sails suitable for all conditions and will be a sloop rig with a spinnaker.

Equipment trials for Mixed Kiteboarding, Mixed Two-Person Dinghy and Mixed Two-Person Keelboat will follow with the equipment decision to be made at the 2019 Annual Conference.

President’s report

World Sailing President Kim Andersen opened the meeting with the President’s address. Andersen reflected on his chairmanship after his election in November 2016 and gave Board members an update on what the World Sailing Board was working on.

Andersen covered a wide variety of topics ranging from sailing at the Paralympics and Olympics to events, finance and governance.

Paris 2024 Update

Jean-Philippe Gatien from the Organizing Committee for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games (OCOG) gave an update on the vision for the Games.

Gatien, a four-time Olympian and double medalist in table tennis, brought the 105-foot trimaran Sodebo Ultim from Brazil to France after the Transat Jacques Vabres.

He provided an update on the Marseille site and the next steps in the collaboration between the OCOG and World Sailing. He also answered questions from Council members.

The meeting continues on November 3 with further discussions around submissions and subsequent decision-making. Many committee and event reports will also be received.

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