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Messy chapter for World Sailing election >> Scuttlebutt Sailing News

Kim Andersen was elected president of World Sailing in November 2016 but lost his bid for a second term in 2020 amid three ethics complaints. While World Sailing’s ethics commission dismissed two of the complaints and one complaint was withdrawn, Andersen blasts the smear campaign that has obstructed the election. This report is from PlaytheGame:

In November 2020, Quanhai Li of China was elected as the new president of World Sailing after defeating incumbent Kim Andersen of Denmark by 68 votes to 60.

Li’s victory came after a bitter election campaign in which several accusations of unethical conduct against Andersen hurt the Dane’s re-election campaign for a second four-year term as World Sailing chairman.

And now new questions about the presidential election arise as the third ethics complaint against Andersen since 2019 has been dismissed.

An Independent Appeal Panel appointed by the World Sailing Ethics Commission concluded on October 19, 2021:

“There is no evidence that Mr. Andersen breached the code of conduct. In these circumstances, the panel unanimously renders the following decision: the charges brought against Mr. Andersen, according to which he violated the provisions of article 1.9 (a), (b) and (c) of the Code, are rejected. »

World Sailing’s ethical battle has been covered by sailing magazines around the world. ‘Scuttlebutt Sailing News’ framed the controversy following a culture clash between a group of old conservative proponents of traditional sailing in classic dinghies and keelboats and a group of young proponents of modern sailing in boats driven by new technologies during mixed events. that appeal to a wider audience.

However, Andersen is in no doubt that the ethical cases were part of a smear campaign against him orchestrated by supporters of his three presidential challengers, Scott Perry of Uruguay, Gerardo Seeliger of Spain and Quanhai Li. And according to Andersen, all three candidates were endorsed by IOC Vice President Ser Miang Ng during the election campaign.

“All my opponents in the presidential election were directly or indirectly involved in the ethics cases against me. Perry and Seeliger were parties in the ethics cases. And it is well known in World Sailing that Miang, who was also involved in the , is a supporter of Quanhai Li,” Andersen explains.

According to the former president of World Sailing, the timing of the ethical cases and their leaking to the press, even before the World Sailing Council was informed of the cases, was carefully planned by the supporters of his three opponents before the constitution of the candidates and the electoral process. – Full report

Editor’s Note: Without giving Andersen a pass, what we witnessed by biased people with an online platform, pushing a personal agenda to their advantage, was shameful.