World sailing

Greenwich duo claim gold at sailing world championships

GREENWICH – Freddie Parkin of Riverside and Asher Beck of Cos Cob, who represented the United States in the I-420 in the Netherlands, returned home with a gold medal and the World Sailing Championship trophy for young people from the International Yacht Racing Union.

Parkin and Beck entered the final day of racing in fourth place and had just one race left to give their all at the event earlier this summer.

“We felt good going in today because we had gained a solid understanding of the conditions throughout the week and knew how to perform in them,” Parkin said.

“Our stress levels were also lower than the other boats that wore colored bibs of their first, second and third placings the day before,” Beck said. “We came into the day with less of a target on our backs which allowed us to weave through easier and have a good run.”

Asked when they realized they had won gold, Parkin said: “We were in the lead from the start and kept our lead and knew we had the money in the bag on our last run. downwind, but then it became a game of waiting after the finish to see how Israel’s race went.

“It was a crazy feeling,” Beck said. “Our goal was to get on the podium overall, so it took a while for the reality of winning the gold to set in, but it was a great moment that we’ll never forget.”