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Foiling Week Achieves Special World Sailing Event Status for 2022 and Beyond

Foiling Week Achieves Special World Sailing Event Status for 2022 and Beyond

by World Sailing 14 Dec. 2021 23:12 PST

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World Sailing has awarded special event status for the upcoming 2022 Foiling Week, ensuring the competition can grow, reach more people and partner with international and national foiling programs and routes to create events within the event.

Foiling Week joins high profile activities with special event status such as the America’s Cup, Ocean Race, SailGP, World Match Racing Tour, PWA World Tour, Star Sailors League and GKA Kite World Tour.

“Foiling Week isn’t just an event; it’s a community and network focused on action. We don’t just care about the foiling and mainsail community,” said Luca Rizzotti , founder of Foiling Week.

“We create opportunities, with the aim of being agents of change above all. The initiatives of the event are well known in the sailing community and go beyond the sport, including partnerships with universities, makers and nonprofits in the environmental and social responsibility spaces. We are all connected and we need to grow as a community, together responsibly,” added Rizzotti.

Foiling Week is the hub of the global hydrofoil community and the only community-based World Sailing special event. It includes a well-attended forum, where talented and creative individuals share ideas and collaborate to make connections and improve the running of the event and the progress of the class.

Special event status ensures that World Sailing officially recognizes and sanctions events. It also means Foiling Week will follow the goals set by World Sailing’s Sustainability Agenda 2030, which includes working with Project Magenta to promote professional sailing opportunities for women, and the World Sailing Trust which funds a diverse group of initiatives to increase access to sailing and promote sustainable practices in sport and manufacturing.

As part of the Charter, all special events have a comprehensive sustainability strategy and applicable principles aligned as set out in World Sailing’s 2030 sustainability agenda, while committing to work with World Sailing to accelerate goals and targets.

David Graham, CEO of World Sailing, said: “Adding Foiling Week to our group of special events is exciting for the future of sailing. The growth of the event has been phenomenal to see, going far beyond the race to galvanize an entire movement. We are excited to work hand in hand with them to create new avenues of partnership as well as opportunities to advance the sustainability agenda of global sailing. Foil Week has already made great strides in this area and we look forward to learning from each other and inspiring positive change in the world of sailing.”

The Foiling Week mantra is “connect, cooperate, change”. From the start, the event was one of the first. The first foil events for women and children; early sustainability initiatives reducing entry fees for carpool participants and the elimination of single-use plastics at the event site.

The SuMoth Challenge, which has been part of every Foiling Week since its introduction in 2019, has been shortlisted for this year’s World Sailing 11th Hour Racing Sustainability Award. A global challenge, it brought together students from around the world to design, build and sail a sustainable Moth.

Having held events in Australasia, North America and Europe, Foiling Week has become a practical and evolving presence in the sport, both physically and online, and is progressing with World Sailing to connect, collaborate and bring positive changes in sport and beyond.

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