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World Sailing, the international governing body for the sport of sailing, organizes two dominant meetings each year, including the mid-year meeting which will be held remotely in 2021 from May 10-14. Here is the second day update:

(May 11, 2021) – The Equipment Committee and the Events Committee both held their second and final meeting of the week. The Equipment Committee, chaired by Jurgen Cluytmans (BEL) met from 1000-1200 UTC before the Events Committee, chaired by John Derbyshire (GBR), convened from 2000-2200 UTC.

The Equipment Committee reviewed the submissions submitted for the 2021 mid-year meeting, in accordance with its agenda. Having already discussed submissions yesterday, the Events Committee moved on to the rest of the agenda items.

The next session of the 2021 Mid-Year Meeting will be the World Sailing’s Council on May 14, 2021. The Council will hear various reports, discuss and vote on submissions.

Summary of the day:

Equipment Committee:
After receiving numerous reports and making a recommendation for RS21 to be granted World Sailing Class Association status yesterday, the Equipment Committee resumed its session.

Matt Allen (AUS), Chair of the Oceans and Offshore Committee, made a recommendation regarding the mixed two-person keelboat event for Paris 2024. He presented a paper outlining potential changes to the event to address concerns from the CIO. The Equipment Committee noted its support for the document.

At yesterday’s Events Committee meeting, an assessment of the Combined Events Committee Working Group and Alternative Events Equipment for the 2024 Olympic Games was presented by Sofia Tedin. Cédric Fraboulet (FRA), vice-president, presented the document on behalf of the equipment commission after the working group carried out an evaluation of all the submissions submitted for the alternative events.

The working group tested the submissions against objective criteria, including:
• Maintain full gender equality in the number of events and athlete quotas.
• Alternative mixed events or division of currently approved mixed events into men’s and women’s events.
• Must have been previously tested at the respective World Championships organized by World Sailing.
• Use of existing venues/playgrounds.

The working group determined that submission M01-21 (Men’s and Women’s Individual Kiteboarding Events) and submission M02-21 (Men’s and Women’s Two-Person Dinghy Individual Events) met all of these criteria.

From there, they assessed the bids against the IOC’s subjective criteria, divided into seven areas of review: aligning with Olympic Agenda 2020+5, prioritizing universality, minimizing cost and complexity, format, appeal to young people, equipment and media. The working group rated each submission subjectively on a five-point scale; they rated Submission M01-21 26 out of 35 and Submission M02-21 18 out of 35.

After Cedric’s presentation, the Equipment Committee reviewed the yellow book of submissions recommended by the Events Committee yesterday – they had proposed submission M02-21 as the first alternate event and submission M01-21 as the second alternate event .

At the Equipment Committee meeting, an update from the Constitution Committee was relayed, which ruled that submissions M12-21, M13-21, M14-21 and M15-21 were invalid.

Of the remaining 11, only bid M01-21 and bid M02-21 received a mover and a linebacker. The Equipment Committee then voted.

Submission M01-21 received ten votes and Submission M02-21 received seven votes. individual men’s and women’s two-person dinghy (class 470) as a second alternative event.

This recommendation will now go to the World Sailing Council which will meet on May 14th. They will discuss and vote on the submissions. The outcome of the process will be a decision on two alternative event proposals, ranked in order of preference, before the IOC deadline, which is May 26, 2021.

Events Committee:
After discussing the submissions yesterday, the Events Committee moved on to the final part of their agenda hearing various reports.

The Quotas and Qualifications Working Group presented its report on the implications of athlete quotas for Paris 2024, in relation to submissions regarding alternative event submissions. Daniel Belcher, chairman of the working group, also spoke about the qualification system for the 2023 Sailing World Championships.

Sofia Tedin, Chair of the Format Working Group, then presented the working group’s report which focused on a proposal to change the names of the sailing events for Paris 2024, to align with the new IOC standard and to attract a wider or non-navigating public. .

A brief update followed from Graham Biehl of the Rankings Working Group, who informed the Committee that the new ranking system should be operational after Tokyo 2020.

The committee then heard from World Sailing Events Director Alastair Fox regarding the 2021-2028 events strategy, and discussed the future of the World Sailing Championships.

Youth Events Sub-Committee Chair Charles Glover and Fox provided an update on the World Youth Sailing Championships. Al Mussanah, Oman will be officially announced as the 2021 venue shortly, but the venue is preparing to welcome sailors in December. The Hague, Netherlands, was scheduled to host the event in 2021 but has been revamped in 2022. The venue will host sailors from July 9-15, 2022.

Fiona Kidd, chair of the Team Racing sub-committee, spoke about the future of Team Racing and the possibilities of the discipline. The sub-committee submitted a submission for the alternative event process for Paris 2024 and provided a brief update on how the discipline works.

Match Racing Sub-Committee Chairman Michael Röllich briefed the committee on match racing events. In 2021, World Sailing will host the Youth Match Racing World Championship in August and nine nations have expressed interest in taking part. Auckland, New Zealand is unable to host the 2021 Women’s World Match Racing Championship due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, so the committee is discussing with other venues to rearrange the event.

Source: World Sailing