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World Sailing, the international governing body for the sport of sailing, organizes two dominant meetings each year, including the mid-year meeting to be held remotely in 2021 from May 10-14. Here is the day one update:

(May 10, 2021) – The Equipment Committee, chaired by Jurgen Cluytmans (BEL), met from 1000-1200 UTC before the Events Committee, chaired by John Derbyshire (GBR), convened from 2000-2200 UTC . The meetings were the first of two the committees will hold this week, with the next sessions scheduled for the same times on May 11.

The Equipment Committee went through the first part of its agenda (click here) and did not discuss submissions presented for the 2021 mid-year meeting.

The Events Committee went straight to discussing the submissions on the table and made their recommendations. Click here for their schedule. To replay their session, click here.

Chaired by John Derbyshire (GBR) with Sofia Tedin (ARG) as Vice-Chair, the committee is made up of a number of experienced event organizers and experienced sailors, including Olympians and coaches.

Following an introduction from Derbyshire, Tedin presented the Combined Events and Equipment Committee Working Group’s assessment of the alternative events for the 2024 Olympics. bids submitted for alternative events.

The working group tested the submissions against objective criteria, including:
• Maintain full gender equality on the number of events and athlete quotas.
• Alternative mixed events or division of currently approved mixed events into men’s and women’s events.
• Must have been previously tested at the respective World Championships organized by World Sailing.
• Use of existing venues/playgrounds.

The working group determined that submission M01-21 (Men’s and Women’s Individual Kiteboarding Events) and submission M02-21 (Men’s and Women’s Two-Person Dinghy Individual Events) met all of these criteria.

From there, they assessed the bids against the IOC’s subjective criteria, divided into seven areas of review: aligning with Olympic Agenda 2020+5, prioritizing universality, minimizing cost and complexity, format, appeal to young people, equipment and media.

The working group rated each submission subjectively on a five-point scale; they rated Submission M01-21 26 out of 35 and Submission M02-21 18 out of 35.

After considering this evaluation, the Events Committee moved on to bids and of the 15, only bid M01-21 and bid M02-21 received a mover and a linebacker. The Events Committee then voted.

Submission M02-21 received seven votes and submission M01-21 received six. This means that the Events Committee proposes the Individual Men’s and Women’s Tandem Dinghy (470 class) as the first alternative event and the Individual Men’s and Women’s Kiteboarding (Formula Kite class) as the second alternative event.

This recommendation will now go to the World Sailing Council which will meet on May 14th. They will discuss and vote on the submissions. The outcome of the process will be a decision on two alternative event proposals, ranked in order of preference, before the IOC deadline, which is May 26, 2021.

The Events Committee will resume on May 11 at 2000 UTC.

The Equipment Committee includes a large number of experienced boat builders, Olympic sailors, international measurers and experienced sailors with a wide variety of skills.

As part of a broad agenda, the Committee heard from various working groups of the Equipment Committee to open the session. Brief updates were given on class status reviews, the class application process, and the One Design quality control strategy.

The importance of safety in sailing was raised and members discussed the World Sailing Incident Reporting Portal (click here). World Sailing requires that an incident be reported if it involves an event organized or recognized by World Sailing, any training during or before World Sailing recognized events, and any training or racing at events organized by a World Sailing MNA .

The purpose of the reporting portal is to ensure that MNAs, classes and scoring systems report relevant information regarding incidents that occur during training or racing, in order to share best practices and raise awareness. to growing security concerns.

To wrap up the session, the Equipment Committee discussed deferred applications for World Class Sailing Association status from RS21, IKA Snowkite and iQFOil. The Committee noted the postponement of Snowkite and IQFOil and presented a recommendation to Council to endorse RS21 as a world class sailing association.

To replay their session, click here.

The Equipment Committee will meet again on May 11 from 1000-1200 UTC to continue with their agenda and discuss submissions.

Source: World Sailing