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Japan hosted the 2022 World Para Sailing Championship alongside the Hansa-class Asia-Pacific Championship in Hiroshima, marking a major step forward for diversity and inclusion following the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

A total of 114 athletes from 13 countries in Asia, Europe, Oceania, the Middle East and North and South America competed in the World Para Sailing Championship (Hansa 303 men and women, and Liberty classes) and the Asia-Pacific Championship (Hansa 303 single and double, Hansa 2.3 single and Liberty) from October 20 to 23.

Special Race Awards – young ambition
In addition to the eight podiums of these Championships, four Special Race Awards were awarded to athletes to celebrate this historic event.

The Best Junior award went to 11-year-old skipper Ryohei Sasaki of Sailability Takamatsu, a testament to the growing popularity of parasailing among young people around the world.

Competing in the double-handed Hansa 303, he took on some very experienced sailors, including gold medal winning pair Christopher Symonds/Manuela Klinger from Australia (see special award winners below).

The paraglider breaks a development record
World Sailing also held a four-day Parasailing Development Program (PDP) ahead of the Parasailing World Championship, celebrating another milestone – reaching 45 countries in less than six years since the program’s inception in January 2017.

LA28 Paralympic focus in Japan
With World Sailing just three months away from whether the International Paralympic Committee will reinstate sailing as a sport at the Los Angeles 2028 Paralympic Games, Masuhiro Baba, Japan Sailing Federation President and Chairman of the Dual Championships , underlined the uniqueness of Para Voile:

“Sailing is an inclusive sport that everyone can enjoy, regardless of gender, age or ability.

“These Championships are powerful – we are spreading the appeal of sailing around the world, increasing its value as a lifelong sport and showing that Para Sailing can help create an inclusive society that recognizes diversity.”

View full results:

Asia-Pacific Hansa Class Championship 2022

Hansa 2.3 Single
1st place: Allister Peek (Australia)
2nd place: Kei Eshima (Enoshima seaworthiness)
3rd place: Wataru Sueda (Constant Wind)

Hansa 303 Single
1st place: Piotr Cichocki (Poland)
2nd: Gauthier Bril (France)
3rd place: Takumi Niwa (Tokyo Paralympic Sports Federation)

Hanse 303 Double
1st place: Christopher Symonds/Manuela Klinger (Australia)
2nd place: Piotr Cichocki/Olga Górnaś-Grudzień (Poland)
3rd place: Raphaël Bizieux/Gauthier Bril (France)

1st place: Bob Schahinger (Australia)
2nd place: Vera Voorbach (Netherlands)
3rd place: Cristina Rubke (USA)

Liberty Servo
1st place: Vera Voorbach (Netherlands)
2nd place: Cristina Rubke (USA)
3rd place: Ryo Sasaki (Hiroshima Airworthiness)

Para-sailing World Championship

Hansa 303 Single Men
1st place: Piotr Cichocki (Poland)
2nd: Gauthier Bril (France)
3rd place: Takumi Niwa (Tokyo Paralympic Sports Federation)

Hansa 303 single women
1st place: Olga Górnaś-Grudzień (Poland)
2nd place: Miray Ulas (Turkey)
3rd place: Alison Weatherly (Australia)

1st place: Vera Voorbach (Netherlands)
2nd place: Cristina Rubke (USA)
3rd place: John Buchanan (New Zealand)

Special Race Rewards
• Prize for effort: Charin Saleesongsom (Thailand) participated in all Hansa races for the first time in Japan.
• Best Woman Award: Yoko Yagi (Piccola Club) just missed out on a medal in the hansa 2.3 singles, finishing fourth.
• Prize for the best junior: Ryohei Sasaki (Sailability Takamatsu) took part in the Hansa 303 doubles as an 11-year-old skipper.
• Best Progress Award: Ibrahim Kalay (Turkey) made remarkable progress during the tournament.

Source: World Sailing